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Alum Ext. New Production

Alum Ext. 10/10

Painted Sheet

CGL LTD. handles all grades of scrap aluminum, shred aluminum, castings, irony, painted, poly coated and thermal break. Some typical items include: extrusions, segregated alloys, mixed low copper clips, siding, litho, turnings, car and truck rims. Sources include post consumer collection and new industrial production scrap.


Cast Alum

Alum Insulated Wire


Shred Alum

Slightly Alum Ext.

Alum Rim

                               COPPER &  BRASS                                   

CGL LTD. handles all grades of copper and brass/bronze alloys. Copper-bases materials bought & sold include cast or wrought materials. Some typical items include: insulated copper wire, bus bar, #1 copper, #2 copper, coated or plated copper and some alloys such as red brass, yellow brass, rod brass and irony brass.

#1 Millberry #1 Copper #2 Copper

#1 Insulated wireHouse wireLead Coated copperBx WireCopper Alum RadiationTap BrassMotorTransformerBallastCompressor 

#3 Copper Yellow Brass Brass Turning

                                  Stainless Steel                                      

CGL LTD. handles all kinds of stainless steel. Some typical items include: irony stainless steel, stainless steel grade 304, stainless steel grade 316, 304 & 316 stainless steel turning.

Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 316